Bliensen + MaiTai @ World Goth Fair – Charlotte Sometimes Boots

New for WGF, and currently only available at the event :

Charlotte Sometimes, detailed boots in red or black, rigged for Slink Physique and Maitreya. They come with a color HUD to change the dessin (plain, 3 flower-embroideries, crow design), the shoelaces (red or black) and the metal parts (gold or silver)

Bliensen - Charlotte Sometimes - Boots Red Kopie Bliensen - Charlotte Sometimes - Boots Red - Dessins Kopie Bliensen - Charlotte Sometimes - Boots Black Kopie

100 % original mesh, after the event also available at the mainstore and marketplace.


Bliensen + MaiTai @ Jewelry Fair 2010: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast – a myth about the attraction of opposites, good and bad, pretty and ugly, soft and dangerous…

Beauty and the Beast is the theme of this year’s jewelry fair (October 8th – 17 th) – and here are Bliensen + MaiTai’s Beauty and the Beast specials.


Beauty and the Beast – vintage necklace and earrings with amber beads and cameos of the protagonists of this old fairy tale.

La Belle et la Bête is playing with contradictions – pretty colourful flowers and sharp dangerous claws, united on one necklace.

Flowers, claws and metal-parts are texture-scripted (low-lag) for dozens of combinations.

And here comes a modern approach to the theme – Kiss me, Alligator, a jewelry set with Beauty’s kissing lips and the Beast’s reptile eyes 🙂

Bliensen + MaiTai @ Jewelry Fair (Forest North):

Bliensen + MaiTai Mainstore:

Grand Opening at Floyd! Cherries and Flowers for you!

Me hops around, pretty excited – July 25th the new Starlust-Sim, Floyd, will open its virtual doors – and one of their cute shops in Halflust Harbour is mine mine mine!

To celebrate i ll release two new lines of Jewelry: Sweet Cherries and Fragile Flowers.


At the moment both lines are available at Floyd only. But – you should also check out my store at Raven’s Requiem – there’ll be the “Lost Mind” – treasure hunt, starting July 25 th as well – and I ve hidden three (!) free pieces for you…

Shooting Stars, Light Bulbs and Wind Chimes

Inspired by and dedicated to Dot Lane and Achariya Maktoum – the two ladies I have to thank for the first reviews I ever got… You both made me blush.

The Shooting Star – Line is still growing – here are the first pieces:

And another piece of the post-apoc Line: The Choker Enlightment comes in three sizes, is totally unisex and – batteries are included!


Well, and again something inspired by a blog – this time it was Sasy Scarborough, in her post about my Necklace Childhood she mentioned 1970’s Wind Chimes… and this reminded me of my mother’s Wind Chime i loved so much… here they are – the Earrings Wind Chimes in three colours – shell, snow and soft. Every set comes in three metal colours – gold, silver and black steel. And – in case you want to wear long hair with transparent textures: to avoid the well-known transparent-textures-trouble i also added all versions in opaque (and was surprised how nice it actually looks…). So you will get 6 (!) pair of Earrings in one pack.

By the way – thanks to Ubikfor modelling 🙂

And because we cant have enough of them – and because i liked the colours and the shine… an inexpensive megapack of shiny bangles.

Skulls ‘n Flowers and Peacocks for Mallory

The skulls ‘n flowers collection has grown – i added two versions of the necklace and a matching bracelet

What’s a canary without a peacock… again a long long and dramatic story – the next piece is dedicated to Mallory, queen of squirrels and peacocks. She knows why.

Matching Earrings will be available soon ^^