Bliensen + MaiTai – Gioia – vintage bridal hair with veil and roses

Currently only available at The Trunk Show (after the event at the mainstore and on marketplace):

Gioia Hair with optional veil (in white or black) and color-scripted roses (five colors).

Five color-packs with 8 colors each.

Bliensen + MaiTai Hair - Gioia - Hair with roses and veil


Bliensen + MaiTai for Enchantment’s Rapunzel

Haircare for Rapunzel: Vintage hairbrush & mirror set, flacons and flowers are included. Currently only available at the event; later at the mainstore and marketplace.

Bliensen - Rapunzel - Hairbrush Set

Bliensen + MaiTai @ Multiverse

The Grid – a retro futuristic veil for a night out in the distant future. Black, gold and silver version are included.

Bliensen - The Grid - Futuristic Veil

Home Planet – souvenir earrings for those who travel time and space:


Bliensen - Home Planet - Earrings

And a pair of headphones, to be worn with or without headband or with or without metal-wig (gold or black). In three colours and modifiable.

Bliensen - Sound of the UniverseBliensen - Sound of the Universe 2

All these items are currently only available at the Multiverse Event, but soon also at the mainstore and on marketplace.

— and this is kind of obligatory here, right?



Polly is coming home! – Hair now available at the mainstore

Hair Fair is over – and all new Hairstyles are now available at the Mainstore in Essex!

Simplicity was born because I made some pillbox hats for the Accessory Fair and realized that I had only one or two hairstyles for hats. I wanted something simple, short, without flexi strands to pierce through your hair accessories – and vintage of course. Turned out that I liked my ‘perfect hat hair’ even better without hat!

And here a version with hat included – Simplicity on Sundays comes with an elegant Pillbox hat, colourscripted (18 colours!) and with black or white lace.

And here comes Pretty Polly – with flexible feathers, untamed and – well, pretty. And yes it was inspired by the sad sad ballad about Pretty Polly – and by that British friend of my mother who used to chirp “eeeeet’s a prrrrreeettty Pollllly ” whenever he saw my budgie.


And because flowers are as pretty as feathers – here comes the May Queen:

All hairstyles come in four 3-packs (Reds, Blonds, Browns and Darks) or as fatpack