Bliensen + MaiTai Hair: A night at Flashmans

These hairstyles are dedicated to and inspired by my favourite club in SL – Flashmans.

Back in 2007, shortly after I learned what an AO is, I ended up at this extravagant and mysterious speakeasy.
I’ve spent endless night dancing on cows, talking to ferrets and enjoying the effects of absinthe and opium.

A big thank you to all the stylish, sophisticated and mildly insane ladies and gentlemen, owners and ex-owners, bohemians, flappers, opium addicts, bon vivants, cuties and misfits of all nationalities and species who made my SL-nights unique.

Both flapper-hairstyles come with colour-scripted headband. They are sold as 3-Packs (Blonds, Reds and Darks) or as fatpack. Each comes with an optional hair corsage; the Opium-Flowers are colour-changing too.

At the moment A night at Flashmans – Opium and Absinthe are only available at the Hair Fair/Sim 2: (Sept 4th – 19th). After that they they will be available at the Mainstore and in Albero.

For demos you can join the Hair Fair Demo Group – or the Bliensen + Maitai Update Group (do a search for ‘Bliensen’ under ‘groups’) – you’ll find the demo-pack in the group notices. Or join the hippo-update-group – the group-kiosk is located at the mainstore in Starlustland/Horst: – when you click the kiosk after joining you can find the demos under ‘history’.


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