More Neckties with Tie Pins: Art Deco

For those who missed dark colours: the texture-scripted and resizable ties ‘Art Deco’ come in black with stripes or cubes – 6 fabrics to choose from.

Bliensen + MaiTai: More Ties - 'Art Deco'


The tie pin is scripted as well, you can choose the colour of the gems – turquoise, lapislazuli, mother of pearl, jet or carnelian.


Each pack includes 2 shapes (for ladies: mini-tie and long tie, for gents: broad and slim version) and three options to wear the tie – for example ‘knot only’ to adjust them to a closed shirt-collar or bliensen-maitai-tie-art-deco-for-ladies_trans-kopie ‘around neck’ if worn without shirt.

The ties are available at Polly Jean (Mainstore) andAlbero (copy/no trans OR trans/no copy)


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